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Remarks to the NC Historical and Literary Association upon EbzB Productions Receiving The Hardee-Rives Award for Dramatic Art, 2017

Remarks to the NC Historical and Literary Association upon EbzB Productions Receiving 
The Hardee-Rives Award for Dramatic Art, 2017
by Serena Ebhardt

Thank you.  Friends, I hope you will allow me this moment to address my son, Carlton.
Dad and I want you to know that this award is not for being the “best” in our art form.  Instead, this honor is bestowed by our peers, the most esteemed in our state, who have also made mistakes, faced rejection, and suffered frustrations.  Through those difficulties, they have perfected the wisdom that enriches their work.
Receiving this honor confirms that our efforts, just like yours, do not go unnoticed.  And, while it could be viewed as a feather in our cap, we prefer to think of it as a meaningful nudge to continue our difficult work 
We have had to ask for a lot of help on our journey.  We share this honor with our entire company— all of the artists who have contributed to EbzB.  Especially you, Carlton, who as a company member of EbzB plans …


November 13, 2017

[Raleigh, NC]   EbzB Productions, Inc, has been chosen by the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, North Carolina’s venerated and oldest civic organization, as the winner of the 2017 Hardee-Rives Award For Dramatic Arts. This award is presented in recognition of “excellent, exemplary work in and significant contribution and service to the dramatic arts in North Carolina.”  
Founded in 1998, EbzB Productions, Inc. strives to develop original, touring theatrical productions to promote integrity and authenticity, self-discovery and positive transformation of individuals, artists, audiences, and communities.  Past recipients of the Hardee-Rives Award For Dramatic Arts include Bo Thorpe, Bland Simpson, William Ivey Long, the Roanoke Island Historical Association, Samm-Art Williams, Terrance Mann, Manbites Dog T…

EbzB at ArtsMarket 2017

Dear Presenters,

Want to make an impact on your community?

Please bring your curiosity to EbzB Productions at ArtsMarket Booth #131 and attend our showcase of Native.  This production is sure to be a conversation starter.
Native A powerful play based on the collaboration between Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Green and controversial author Richard Wright.
Open your theatre to a much needed community conversation.
Showcase on Wednesday, November 8
9:25 am ~ Carolina Theatre

“The performance [Native] was even more than we had anticipated... masterfully written and beautifully performed.  It touched the adults— and even more importantly, the students in a way that they will cary out into the world - which was what we so wanted!”
 - Kathryn Talton,
Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities,
Southern Pines, NC
“I was there, and I can attest to the importance and power of the evening.  I hope that EbzB can take this brilliant theatre piece all over the state and the country.”
-Glenn Sumner

Native Showcase at ArtsMarket!

Native at ArtsMarket ~ Booth #131 November  6 - 8, 2017. We can't wait to see old friends and make new ones in Durham in November! ArtsMarket is the biannual statewide performing arts conference, hosted by NC Presenters Consortium and The North Carolina Arts Council.

EbzB's ArtsMarket showcase of Native is at 9:25 a.m. on Wednesday, November 8th at Carolina Theatre, 309 W. Morgan St, Durham, NC 27701.

EbzB Productions' booth in the exhibition hall is #131 and we'll be there throughout the entire ArtsMarket Conference: Monday, Nov. 6th - Wednesday, Nov. 8th.  Please visit and say hello. While there you may inquire about Native and the EbzB Roster including: War Bonds, '69 Seasons, Life Is So Good, In One Era and Out The Other, Night Before Christmas Carol, and more.

Information at

James "T" Thomas Honored at Mars Hill University with Black Box Theatre Dedication


James "T" Thomas, founder of Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, is  honored at Mars Hill University with the dedication of the new Black Box Theatre.

Keynote speaker David zum Brunnen of EbzB Productions talks about Jim Thomas' tremendous influence on our theater community. The dedication takes place on October 20 as part of Mars Hill University's homecoming events.

Compliment: Native [Hillsborough, NC]

It was so nice to meet you and the EbzB crew. Thank you for bringing Native to us and more importantly working it up as a production that you could bring it to us.
Very professionally done!!!!!!!!!!Loved the set and the music and image enhancements.Loved that you essentially brought everything you needed.Loved your upbeat and personable energy.Loved that Serena found my earring before I realized I had lost it.So grateful that Devra brought you to our attention.You and J. Mardrice were amazing in your parts.Although not part of the stage production having audience members respond as a spontaneous chorus was very effective in underlining the truths that the character of Richard Wright was witnessing to. It validated two strong messages of the play: the assertion that it matters who tells the story, and the notion that freedom of choice is no freedom if, choice is not equally attainable or realizable for all.
The play modeled conversation about our sad state of race relations…

Compliment: Native [Hillsborough, NC]

There are so many adjectives that could be used to describe the performance ofNative,a play by High School drama teacher Ian Finley and directed by Serena Ebhardt and starring David zum Brunnen as Paul Green and Josh Henderson as Richard Wright and produced by EbzB Productions, that this review would just be too long.

Set in 1941 before America enters WWII in a hotel in New York City between the Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright Paul Green and the author of "Native Son" Richard Wright to finalize the script adaptation of Wright's book into a Broadway play the story starts off placidly, but quickly escalates between the two men as to how the final scene should end. Flashbacks of childhood and into the heart of the story of Native Son are interspersed to bring the audience into the minds of the men and their backgrounds. One a well-known southern professor and playwright, the other a black author born poor in Mississippi and…

EbzB Recommends Emily Post's Audience Etiquette Advice

EbzB Recommends Emily Post's Audience Etiquette Advice

Manners at a Performance
Today, there’s a wealth of entertainment offered in widely differing settings, but the following fundamentals of good audience behavior are adaptable to virtually any situation:
No talking, unless audience participation is requested by the performers. If something must be said, whisper it quickly. Excessively shushing a talkative neighbor can be just as disturbing.Use good posture. Auditorium seating is often arranged so that the person in the seat behind can see between the two seats in front, so slumping sideways or lounging on a partner’s shoulder blocks the view.Remove hats. Ladies, if your hat is part of your outfit, you can keep it on as long as it doesn’t block anyone’s view.Noises off. Turn off cell phones, beepers, audible watches, and any other sound-making gadgets before any performance.Lights out.  Don’t forget, the screen on your mobile de…

Before Charlottesville, Before Charleston, Before Ferguson: Native

Before Charlottesville, Before Charleston, Before Ferguson: Native Drama allows opportunity to gain understanding.

Native dramatizes the friendship and collaboration between Paul Green and Richard Wright. The authors are brought together to adapt Wright’s novel, Native Son for Broadway. 
In 1941 Paul Green is a UNC professor and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright who is also known for The Lost Colony. Richard Wright is the controversial author of Native Son, a groundbreaking work on the systemic discrimination of African-Americans. 
Green and Wright forge a deep respect for each other.  Yet, in a heated discussion over a single page of their Broadway script, they argue about who has the right to tell the story of race, politics and social class.  Ultimately the revelations dissolve their friendship in spite of their common goal to affect social change.
EbzB Productions’ Native is based on the true story of Green and Wright’s collaboration.  This event hopes to inspire audiences …

North Carolina Presenters Consortium - 2017 Showcases

EbzB Productions showcases Native at ArtsMarket

We are pleased to announce the showcasing artists for ArtsMarket 2017, taking place November 6-8 in Durham, NC! Showcases are scheduled throughout the three days at the historic Carolina Theatre of Durham. Artists were selected through a highly competitive application process, and will each present a 15-minute showcase performance at one of the venues. 

EbzB Productions will showcase their new play: Native
Wednesday, November 8, 2017. 
Showcase "E" at the Carolina Theatre of Durham

EbzB on Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County's Artist inSchools Directory

We are excited to inform you that the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County’s new website has officially launched.  For the first time, we now have our Artists in Schools Directory as a searchable, online database.  We hope that this will make it easier for educators to find artists that suit their needs, and hopefully will also mean increased participation in the program. 

2017-2018 Artists in Schools Rostered Artists include EbzB Productions.  See link below...

EbzB Productions joins the Creative Arts in Public & Private Schools(CAPS) program

EbzB is delighted to be a featured artist in the 2017 -2018 Durham County Arts Council's Online Artists' Directory.  Click the link below to view our listing...

Native Demo (:58)


Compliment: Standing On Their Shoulders at Virginia Cross Elementary

Our Arts Integration Residency at Virginia Cross Elementary was inspirational.  Students taught EbzB and their audience about unsung heroes who have pioneered projects in science, engineering, medicine, space exploration, writing, sports and entertainment.  

Together we created a piece of devised theater, using simple glow-sticks as our only props. Parents, Chatham County leaders, and VCE students in grades 1 - 4 enjoyed the performance. A post-show discussion explained the process of creation to the engaged audience.

Special thanks to Chatham County resident Mary Delores Nettles who allowed us to interview her to create a portion of the script.  Ms. Nettles is the first female and African-American to chair a political party in Chatham County, NC.

Chatham County Arts Council and private donors made this successful residency possible. 
David and Serena, You guys are awesome!  The two of you are truly some of the most over-the-top genuinely sincere people I've met.  Your efforts with th…

Compliment: This Is Why We Are Teaching Artists

The Thank You notes you see below are the main reason we are Teaching Artists. 
Students from North Chatham Elementary created a play called War Is Never Civil.  These students now have knowledge about Dramatic Art and The US Civil War. They know it all - from Fort Sumter, South Carolina to Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction. We are so proud of them!

North Chatham Elementary fifth-graders engage with Civil War

North Chatham Elementary fifth-graders engage with Civil War

PITTSBORO — North Chatham Elementary School fifth-graders absorbed the Civil War through a distinctly Chatham County filter. 
Artists in residence David zum Brunnen and Serena Ebhardt, both of Apex-based EbzB Productions, guided the students in an oral-history project that was several weeks in the making. The students learned how to document the past and turn the material into presentations. They pulled it all together for an April 28 production at North Chatham Elementary. Students heard Civil War perspectives from Chatham County Board of Education member Del Turner, retired North Carolina judge Wade Barber, former Chatham County commissioner Carl Thompson and former Pittsboro commissioner Gene Brooks, who is regarded as the dean of Chatham County history.

The project was a partnership between Chatham County Schools and the Chatham Artists in Schools Initiative, an offshoot of the Chatham Arts Council.
Alessia Iacono on the Civ…

Compliment: Arts Integration Residency on The Civil War

It was a wonderful experience. I never imagined that one could create such a wonderful educational and enjoyable history program for 5th graders.
Thank you for including me.
Best wishes,
Wade Barber


David and Serena,

What a great report!
I am so proud of the students and to be part (even though I wasn't there) of the whole experience.  One of the bus drivers came back this afternoon, and shared that today was a perfect day for him!  He was impressed with the entire event! 

Thank you all for working so hard to make this event happen!  I look forward to seeing footage/photos and more. 

Thank you all!

Carla Murry
North Chatham Elementary School

Native - Inspired Theater For Relevant Discussions

Native - Inspired Theater For Relevant Discussions:

Native Notes
Can theatre illuminate social justice conversations? Can theatre open minds and promote positive change in our world? We believe it can.

EbzB Productions explores how history prepares us for discussions about race, class, politics, responsibility, and opportunities to evolve.  Our newest production, Native, is another example of relevant historical material that will inspire a conversation for today's world.

Welcome to NativeNotes. We hope these updates will help you to use theatre in your community to foster dialogue and bring people together. We'll share examples and information on social justice inspired projects -- cultural and artistic.

Our own social justice inspired project is a new drama called Native, about North Carolina native, Paul Green and Native Son author Richard Wright.

Native details the transformative debate between Paul Green and Richard Wright. The writers were brought together by the Mercury Theat…

EbzB Productions Launches Native By Ian Finley

EbzB Productions Launches Native By Ian Finley

Native, a new play by Ian Finley is now available for booking at venues across the United States.  Native is a relevant and powerful production based on the true story of the collaboration between Pulitzer Prize winner, Paul Green, and the prodigy author of NativeSon, Richard Wright. Produced by EbzB Productions, Native features David zum Brunnen as Paul Green and J. Mardrice as Richard Wright. Serena Ebhardt directs.  For information, demo reel, rates and availability, please visit or contact: EbzB Productions: 919-387-4616.

Native details the metamorphic debate between Paul Green and Richard Wright. The authors were originally brought together by the Mercury Theatre to adapt Wright’s novel, NativeSon for the stage. Green, a white southern professor, and Wright, a self-educated African-American with communist sympathies,  forge a deep respect for each other as they discuss systemic discrimination of African-Americans.  They st…

Workshop: February 24, 2017. The Play’s The Thing: Catch The Conscious Of Your Students With Arts Integration

Professional Development Workshop:  
The Play’s The Thing: Catch The Conscious Of Your Students With Arts Integration. New Hanover County Schools, Wilmington, NC

Find new ways to meet:
ESL standards Common Core standardsCore Arts Standards of Create, Perform, Respond On February 24, 2017 you are invited to participate in a professional development workshop for K - 8 educators.  You must wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to play!

All you have to do to make an “A”  in this class-- Open your mind and participate.  This arts integration workshop, led by Serena Ebhardt of EbzB Productions, will inspire you to use dramatic art as a teaching tool in your classroom.  You will leave the workshop with materials to recreate the experience for your own students. You will also discuss modifying the technique to serve any curriculum. 

Ebhardt explains and models arts integration for educators. She uses visual art, music, found-objects, text, speech and movement to create a devised dramatic pr…

The Art Of Love

A New Cabaret by EbzB

The Art of Love -
Premieres February 18, 2017 at Davie County Arts Council, NC