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Compliment: Standing On Their Shoulders at Virginia Cross Elementary

Our Arts Integration Residency at Virginia Cross Elementary was inspirational.  Students taught EbzB and their audience about unsung heroes who have pioneered projects in science, engineering, medicine, space exploration, writing, sports and entertainment.  

Together we created a piece of devised theater, using simple glow-sticks as our only props. Parents, Chatham County leaders, and VCE students in grades 1 - 4 enjoyed the performance. A post-show discussion explained the process of creation to the engaged audience.

Special thanks to Chatham County resident Mary Delores Nettles who allowed us to interview her to create a portion of the script.  Ms. Nettles is the first female and African-American to chair a political party in Chatham County, NC.

Chatham County Arts Council and private donors made this successful residency possible. 
David and Serena, You guys are awesome!  The two of you are truly some of the most over-the-top genuinely sincere people I've met.  Your efforts with th…

Compliment: This Is Why We Are Teaching Artists

The Thank You notes you see below are the main reason we are Teaching Artists. 
Students from North Chatham Elementary created a play called War Is Never Civil.  These students now have knowledge about Dramatic Art and The US Civil War. They know it all - from Fort Sumter, South Carolina to Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction. We are so proud of them!