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Make ❤️...not War

 Make ❤️...not War

War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of World War II

'69 Seasons: A Rockin' War

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Arts In Education: NATIVE at Research Triangle High School

#EbzB presented Native by Ian Finley at Research Triangle High School in North Carolina in March, 2018.  Mr. Finley, the playwright, also teaches at the school.  Research Triangle High School hosted two performances of Native with post-show discussions.  Students were attentive and asked excellent questions about race, politics, theater, economics and identity.  When told that the book Native Son was once banned in schools, the interest of the students grew.  The post-show discussions were frank, open, difficult, and revealing.

After the performance, actors J. Mardrice and David zum Brunnen took time to explain how they prepared for the roles of Richard Wright and Paul Green.  Director Serena Ebhardt discussed themes and viewpoints in the material, and how to stage them.  Ian Finley, playwright and dramatic art teacher, emphasized the importance of research and revisions, noting that the current script of Native used by EbzB Productions is in its 15th draft!  Marketing assistant Devra…

War Bonds and Workshops in Greenville, SC

What a fantastic day at Greenville High School!  Host and Drama Teacher Julie Florin invited #ebzb for two student matinees. Student technicians provided excellent sound and lighting design. Audiences were warm and responsive. We felt very welcome.

After the performance, Serena led two Workshops. The first supplied student singers with several actor tools to interpret a song. Then we created choreography by combining gestures to create tableaux. 
The second workshop was with the cast of Greenville High School’s upcoming production of Grease. We specifically worked on creating characters and manifesting them through body work. (It was great fun for Serena to revisit her glory days of playing Sandy at Raleigh Little Theatre back in 1982! Tell Me More lyrics were easily recalled from 30+ years ago.). 
EbzB’s Music Director, Julie Florin suggested a marvelous lakeside restaurant at the Marina to end the day. Good work, Good friends, good theatre, good music, and intelligent talented youth…

Thank you, Chatham Arts! Our Youth Are Thriving.

Our next generation is creative and thriving...
In March J.S. Waters School created "The Wonderful World of Goldston" with help from EbzB 

In April, Moncure Elementary creates "The Regulators!" 
Both projects are sponsored by #ChathamArts.

Compliment: Native, High Point Arts Council Centennial Station Arts Center

“Native is educational, thought provoking, and perhaps one of the most pertinent productions out there today on race relations in America." -Clint Bowman, Presenter, High Point Arts

Compliment: Native at Centennial Station, High Point, NC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to witness the EBZB production of Native.  The production was OUTSTANDING!  David zum Brunnen as Paul Green and J. Mardrice as Richard Wright give a tour de force performance that will make you think, make you cringe and bring a better understanding of racial inequality throughout the south and our country.
Many times when I watch a drama I exit the theatre talking about the production, Native caused me to not talk about the performance until I had had time to truly digest it.  Powerful, insightful, chilling and relevant are the words that immediately come to mind.
Ian Finley’s script gets straight to the heart of matter, and offers light to a topic that is often shrouded and hidden from polite eyes.
Simply Brilliant!  See it!
Dave Briggs Director High Point Theatre  High Point, NC

HP Arts Council Presents Native | High Point Arts Council

HP Arts Council Presents Native | High Point Arts Council

Join us for an inspirational conversation in High Point, NC on February 4, 2018.