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Resident Artists visiting Clarkton School of Discovery

Resident Artists visiting Clarkton School of Discovery
 04/19/2015Local News | News No Comments
In a continued effort to offer the students at Clarkton School of Discovery an A+ education through opportunities in the Arts, we are pleased to welcome EbzB Productions to our campus.

Friday,April 17th, CSD students ​present​ed​ The Wisdom Givers. This production was completely created, researched, written, publicized, produced, and performed by the sixth graders ​at Clarkton School of Discovery. A grassroots grant, made possible by the North Carolina Arts Council, allowed us to bring in professional teaching artists, Serena Ebhardt and David zum Brunnen from E.B.Z.B. Productions to facilitate. Inspired by an idea from a book on our 6th grade reading list, The​ ​Giver, Serena and David asked our students to interview and request the wisdom of older Bladen County citizens. The students documented the answers to…

Compliment: In One Era - History lesson combines music, photos, and dancing.

David, Serena, and Julie,

We can't thank you enough for being here in Wadesboro and the great performance on Sunday. We will stay in touch and hopefully have you back soon.

Thank you.

Leslie Capell
Anson County Arts Council
Wadesboro, NC