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In One Era and Out The Other: A Patriotic History Of The United States From 1901 - 2001

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EbzB Productions announces it's newest production:
In One Era and Out The Other - A Patriotic History Of The United States from 1901 - 2001

Siren Serena Ebhardt turns past into present as she leads audiences through decades of historical events, headline news and popular song. This one-woman, musical romp mixes familiar songbook standards with the momentous events that shaped America's 20th century. It is all just a little bit of history repeating with an all-inclusive, uplifting look towards the future.

This cabaret is accompanied by a multi-media presentation of saturated images from America's 20th century. These icons reveal America's potential in pursuit of the four freedoms. America the beautiful, America the diverse. United we stand.

With a song list that includes the old torch standards: You Made Me Love You and Someone To Watch Over Me; the patriotic hymns: God Bless America and The National Anthem; and the pop tunes: His…

War Bonds: Compliment

Dear David and Serena,

...great show in November.  It really was fabulous to have you both on our stage - it just felt so right - like you were meant to perform "War Bonds" in the Davis Theatre all along.

-Sara Heiser
Cabarrus Arts Council
Concord, NC

War Bonds: Compliment

"WAR BONDS was a real winner with our audience.  You left us with a lot of fond and poignant memories."  

Jo Barker
PAAL Presenter
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania