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EbzB Leads Corporate Workshop for United Arts Council Board Members

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, EbzB Productions leads a sample of their corporate workshop for the United Arts Council Board of Directors in Raleigh, NC. The workshop, entitled United Arts Superheroes, will empower board members to advocate for truth, justice and the United Arts Council!

Using the tools of dramatic art in the corporate world stimulates engagement and creativity for employees.  Problem solving and communication skills are enhanced by the art form. Comfort with public speaking, articulating ideas, and collaboration all benefit from an awareness of the tools used by an actor. Using dramatic art in the business setting is yet another way the arts are proving vital to our daily lives and bottom lines.

EbzB Productions has been asked to develop their popular Arts-In-Education workshops for use in the corporate sector by the United Arts Council of Raleigh. Human resource directors will be able to choose programs to enhance the lives of their employees and benefit the mor…