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North Chatham Elementary fifth-graders engage with Civil War

North Chatham Elementary fifth-graders engage with Civil War

PITTSBORO — North Chatham Elementary School fifth-graders absorbed the Civil War through a distinctly Chatham County filter. 
Artists in residence David zum Brunnen and Serena Ebhardt, both of Apex-based EbzB Productions, guided the students in an oral-history project that was several weeks in the making. The students learned how to document the past and turn the material into presentations. They pulled it all together for an April 28 production at North Chatham Elementary. Students heard Civil War perspectives from Chatham County Board of Education member Del Turner, retired North Carolina judge Wade Barber, former Chatham County commissioner Carl Thompson and former Pittsboro commissioner Gene Brooks, who is regarded as the dean of Chatham County history.

The project was a partnership between Chatham County Schools and the Chatham Artists in Schools Initiative, an offshoot of the Chatham Arts Council.
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Compliment: Arts Integration Residency on The Civil War

It was a wonderful experience. I never imagined that one could create such a wonderful educational and enjoyable history program for 5th graders.
Thank you for including me.
Best wishes,
Wade Barber


David and Serena,

What a great report!
I am so proud of the students and to be part (even though I wasn't there) of the whole experience.  One of the bus drivers came back this afternoon, and shared that today was a perfect day for him!  He was impressed with the entire event! 

Thank you all for working so hard to make this event happen!  I look forward to seeing footage/photos and more. 

Thank you all!

Carla Murry
North Chatham Elementary School