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Compliment: From the Principal!

"Thank you so much!  This synopsis is well-beyond anything I could have provided.  This is very thorough and easy to understand.  Thank you so much for making this process and simple as possible for our school staff.  And I LOVE the way you have blended the 7 Habits into the project!  Bravo!

Allison Buckner Principal Virginia Cross Elementary Siler City, NC

Pilot Year of the Chatham Artists-in-Schools Initiative

Chatham County Commissioners’ Meeting 21 September 2015  |  6:00PM Historic Courthouse, Pittsboro Public Input Remarks
My name is Cheryl Chamblee, and I'm the Executive Director of the Chatham Arts Council.  In June, you made an investment in educational impact through the arts.  
Chatham County dollars will be helping fund our Pilot Year of the Chatham Artists-in-Schools Initiative.In this pilot year, we plan to work with North Chatham Elementary in Pittsboro and Virginia Cross Elementary in Siler City to bring theatre artists into fourth and fifth grade classrooms to create new pathways to learning history, writing, and language.
I’m here tonight to say thank you--and to let you know how it’s going so far.  A quick quarterly report on your investment.
First, some awesome news:  You have already doubled your investment.  We got word two weeks ago that the North Carolina Arts Council is granting us $29,489.  To get those State dollars, a match is required.  Thanks to you, we have the mat…

Bringing Performing Artists into Chatham County Elementary Schools

September 15, 201 Bringing Performing Artists into Chatham County Elementary Schools PITTSBORO, NC -- Imagine if Jackie Robinson, the all-star African-American baseball player, were still alive and able to share his first-hand account of how he pushed the color barrier in America. Would we see the courage in his gait? Hear the lilt of frustration in his voice?   Some Chatham County students will have the opportunity to experience what life might have been like for the record-setting player when acclaimed actor and playwright Mike Wiley springs to life as Jackie Robinson at North Chatham Elementary School in his one-man production of Jackie Robinson: A Game Apart.  “My work finds its heart in the stories that have shaped American history and cultures,” said Wiley, also a Chatham County resident. “I’m proud to play, live and finally work here where my roots can take hold and make a difference.”  This performance is part of two artist-in-residence pilot programs at Chatham County Schools in p…