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Arts Midwest ~ Booth #334-B, September 13, 2016, Milwaukee, WI

Join EbzB at Arts Midwest on September 13, 2016 for our showcase of Night Before Christmas Carol with Night Cap Theatre:  Cocktails and Characters.  Visit Alkahest Artists Booth #334-B.

EbzB - Welcome to the Arts in North Carolina!

Welcome to the Arts in North Carolina!

EbzB Productions TheaterApex
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Phone: 919-387-4616Email: ebzb@ebzb.orgWeb Site: Activities

Community-Based ResidenciesLectures/PresentationsMaster ClassesPerformancesSchool-Based ResidenciesWorkshops The nationally touring and award-winning company EbzB Productions celebrates the profound impact of storytelling through theater in a growing repertoire of simple and compelling productions. Millions have seen its work internationally, on broadcast television or live in theatrical venues.
Formed in 1998 by Serena Ebhardt and David zum Brunnen, EbzB creates its work in the belief that theater influences and encourages a life to be positively transformed — immediately or over time — through discoveries unveiled.
EbzB offers a variety of choices for presenters, schools, teachers and audiences of all ages. Among the works in its repertoire are the company’s productions of War Bonds: The Songs & Letters of World Wa…

EbzB Arts Midwest Showcase

Don't miss David zum Brunnen's showcase at Arts MidWest! The Night Before Christmas Carol Tuesday, September 13, 201610:55 to 11:10 p.m.Wright A Room, 4th FloorHilton Milwaukee City Center(host hotel)

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