Compliment: Native, High Point Arts Council Centennial Station Arts Center

“Native is educational, thought provoking, and perhaps one of the most pertinent productions out there today on race relations in America." -Clint Bowman, Presenter, High Point Arts

Compliment: Native at Centennial Station, High Point, NC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to witness the EBZB production of Native.  The production was OUTSTANDING!  David zum Brunnen as Paul Green and J. Mardrice as Richard Wright give a tour de force performance that will make you think, make you cringe and bring a better understanding of racial inequality throughout the south and our country.
Many times when I watch a drama I exit the theatre talking about the production, Native caused me to not talk about the performance until I had had time to truly digest it.  Powerful, insightful, chilling and relevant are the words that immediately come to mind.
Ian Finley’s script gets straight to the heart of matter, and offers light to a topic that is often shrouded and hidden from polite eyes.
Simply Brilliant!  See it!
Dave Briggs Director High Point Theatre  High Point, NC

HP Arts Council Presents Native | High Point Arts Council

HP Arts Council Presents Native | High Point Arts Council

Join us for an inspirational conversation in High Point, NC on February 4, 2018. DVD - The Night Before Christmas Carol: David zum Brunnen, Television: Scott H. Davis, Sound Design: Concentrix Studios, EbzB Productions: Movies

Remarks to the NC Historical and Literary Association upon EbzB Productions Receiving The Hardee-Rives Award for Dramatic Art, 2017

Remarks to the NC Historical and Literary Association upon EbzB Productions Receiving 
The Hardee-Rives Award for Dramatic Art, 2017
by Serena Ebhardt

Thank you.  Friends, I hope you will allow me this moment to address my son, Carlton.
Dad and I want you to know that this award is not for being the “best” in our art form.  Instead, this honor is bestowed by our peers, the most esteemed in our state, who have also made mistakes, faced rejection, and suffered frustrations.  Through those difficulties, they have perfected the wisdom that enriches their work.
Receiving this honor confirms that our efforts, just like yours, do not go unnoticed.  And, while it could be viewed as a feather in our cap, we prefer to think of it as a meaningful nudge to continue our difficult work 
We have had to ask for a lot of help on our journey.  We share this honor with our entire company— all of the artists who have contributed to EbzB.  Especially you, Carlton, who as a company member of EbzB plans …


November 13, 2017

[Raleigh, NC]   EbzB Productions, Inc, has been chosen by the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, North Carolina’s venerated and oldest civic organization, as the winner of the 2017 Hardee-Rives Award For Dramatic Arts. This award is presented in recognition of “excellent, exemplary work in and significant contribution and service to the dramatic arts in North Carolina.”  
Founded in 1998, EbzB Productions, Inc. strives to develop original, touring theatrical productions to promote integrity and authenticity, self-discovery and positive transformation of individuals, artists, audiences, and communities.  Past recipients of the Hardee-Rives Award For Dramatic Arts include Bo Thorpe, Bland Simpson, William Ivey Long, the Roanoke Island Historical Association, Samm-Art Williams, Terrance Mann, Manbites Dog T…

EbzB at ArtsMarket 2017

Dear Presenters,

Want to make an impact on your community?

Please bring your curiosity to EbzB Productions at ArtsMarket Booth #131 and attend our showcase of Native.  This production is sure to be a conversation starter.
Native A powerful play based on the collaboration between Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Green and controversial author Richard Wright.
Open your theatre to a much needed community conversation.
Showcase on Wednesday, November 8
9:25 am ~ Carolina Theatre

“The performance [Native] was even more than we had anticipated... masterfully written and beautifully performed.  It touched the adults— and even more importantly, the students in a way that they will cary out into the world - which was what we so wanted!”
 - Kathryn Talton,
Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities,
Southern Pines, NC
“I was there, and I can attest to the importance and power of the evening.  I hope that EbzB can take this brilliant theatre piece all over the state and the country.”
-Glenn Sumner

Native Showcase at ArtsMarket!

Native at ArtsMarket ~ Booth #131 November  6 - 8, 2017. We can't wait to see old friends and make new ones in Durham in November! ArtsMarket is the biannual statewide performing arts conference, hosted by NC Presenters Consortium and The North Carolina Arts Council.

EbzB's ArtsMarket showcase of Native is at 9:25 a.m. on Wednesday, November 8th at Carolina Theatre, 309 W. Morgan St, Durham, NC 27701.

EbzB Productions' booth in the exhibition hall is #131 and we'll be there throughout the entire ArtsMarket Conference: Monday, Nov. 6th - Wednesday, Nov. 8th.  Please visit and say hello. While there you may inquire about Native and the EbzB Roster including: War Bonds, '69 Seasons, Life Is So Good, In One Era and Out The Other, Night Before Christmas Carol, and more.

Information at

James "T" Thomas Honored at Mars Hill University with Black Box Theatre Dedication


James "T" Thomas, founder of Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, is  honored at Mars Hill University with the dedication of the new Black Box Theatre.

Keynote speaker David zum Brunnen of EbzB Productions talks about Jim Thomas' tremendous influence on our theater community. The dedication takes place on October 20 as part of Mars Hill University's homecoming events.

Compliment: Native [Hillsborough, NC]

It was so nice to meet you and the EbzB crew. Thank you for bringing Native to us and more importantly working it up as a production that you could bring it to us.
Very professionally done!!!!!!!!!!Loved the set and the music and image enhancements.Loved that you essentially brought everything you needed.Loved your upbeat and personable energy.Loved that Serena found my earring before I realized I had lost it.So grateful that Devra brought you to our attention.You and J. Mardrice were amazing in your parts.Although not part of the stage production having audience members respond as a spontaneous chorus was very effective in underlining the truths that the character of Richard Wright was witnessing to. It validated two strong messages of the play: the assertion that it matters who tells the story, and the notion that freedom of choice is no freedom if, choice is not equally attainable or realizable for all.
The play modeled conversation about our sad state of race relations…