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Compliment: Arts-In-Education Residency

To EbzB

I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts.  The artists that came to Pollard were tremendous and the impact they had on the students will be seen continuously as time passes.  Thank you for everything!
~ Dr. B.

Dr. Justin Bartholomew
Margaret B. Pollard

Venues - Just a few of the venues who have hosted EbzB Productions.

This is an incomplete list, but it gives you an idea of the types of venues who have hosted EBZB Productions.


Fayette Civic Center, Fayette, AL

Library Theatre, Hoover, AL

Lurleen B. Wallace Center For The Performing Arts, Andalusia, AL


Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, CT


Martin County Library Foundation, Stuart, FL

Performing Arts Center, Panama City, FL

North Florida Community College Artist Series, Madison, FL


Northeast Community Concerts, Taccoa, GA

Adele, GA Performing Arts Center, Adele, GA

Hawkinsville Opera House, Hawkinsville, GA

Northeast Georgia Community Concerts, GA

Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA


Wabash Valley College Brubeck Arts Center, Wabash, IL

Prairie Valley Center for the Arts, Schaumburg, IL

Freedom Hall, Park Forest, IL

Brubeck Arts Center, Mt Carmel, IL

Lewis and Clark College, Alton, IL


    Tilson Auditorium, Indiana State University, Terra Haute, IN   


In One Era and Out the Other @ Brunswick County Academy

Brother Can You spare a dime?

EbzB made 35 cents during this song and influenced 120 students at Brunswick County Academy with In One Era and Out The Other.
We refunded the 35 cents and left with a good feeling instead.

This is why I wrote In One Era and Out The Other...

Bloggers Note from Serena Ebhardt of EbzB Productions: This is why I wrote In One Era and Out The Other...
I Can Turn Myself Into a Shouting Optimist Within An Hour - Great Advice From Mr. Roger W. Babson
Roger W. Babson, phot courtesy of Babson College
“When I find myself depressed over present conditions, I can, within one hour, banish worry an turn myself into a shouting optimist. Here is how I do it.  I enter my library, close my eyes, and walk to certain shelves containing only books on history.  With my eyes still shut, I reach for a book, not knowing whether I am picking up Prescott’s Conquest of Mexico or Suetonius’ Lives of Twelve Caesars.  With my eyes still closed, I open the book at random.  Then I open my eyes and read for an hour; and the more I read the more sharply I realize that he world has always been tottering on the brink.  The pages of history fairly shriek with tragic tales of war, famine, poverty, pestilence, and man’s inhumanity to man.  After readi…