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War Bonds. Why We Do It.

June 17, 2019
Thank You Very Much

Dear EBZB Productions:
It is Monday morning, and I'm still thinking about the “War Bonds” play we saw Saturday night at the Pal Theater. It was great, and I have a number of areas of thanks I want to cover with you.
First, thank you for the entertainment you provided. Cheryl and I have become set in a routine that usually involves a TV screen and some sort of snack on Saturday nights. You provided us with an opportunity to get out of the house and do something productive with our minds and bodies. It was refreshing.
Second, thank you for the content of the play. Those who fought in WWII are often referred to as “the greatest generation", and it is a title that they rightly earned. To think that millions of men and women put down their plows and picked up their arms to defend this country after not one, but three nations declared war with us is amazing. I do not feel we can muster that kind of patriotism among our draftable youth today. The sa…

World War II Veterans Honored at The Pal Theatre in Vidalia, GA

War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of World War II

Congratulation to Concentrix Music and Fred Story

So delighted to keep company with Fred and Becky Story of Concentrix Music.  Fred composed the original music used in the public broadcast production of EbzB's War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of World War II.  See what they are up to now...

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Renowned Composer Fred Story & Concentrix Music Compose and Produce Original Score for Multi-Award Winning Documentary "Robert Shaw: Man of Many Voices"JUN 6, 2019 Powerful Documentary to Air June 21st on PBS' "American Masters" Series Charlotte, NC, June 6, 2019 – The music of renowned composer Fred Story, founder of Concentrix Music and Sound Design, Inc. - who composed and produced the original score featured within the multi-award winning documentary film "Robert Shaw: Man of Many Voices" – will be heard nationally when that special film airs on the PBS “American Masters” series June 21st. Story’s original score, written for a chamber string ens…