Sunday, June 21, 2009

Compliment: War Bonds

"Your Marlene Dietrich was better than the original!"

Freedom Hall,
Forest Park, IL

"War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of World War II will leave your audience with smiles and tears. It's  well crafted work by two of the best artists in the business.  Our audiences left the show smiling and asking when would EbzB return!"  

Jane Lonon
Ashe Arts Council, NC

"Serena Ebhardt's rendition of Marlene Dietrich singing Lili Marlene brought the house down... this husband and wife team re-created those times with consummate skill.... the program moved at a rapid clip, keeping the audience well-entertained.  Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring, and timely performance."

John Caroll Gambrell, for the Anderson (SC) Independent-Mail

"In a word, the show was spectacular!  War Bonds was the perfect blend of music, headline news, and nostalgic World War II stories.  Sitting in front of us was a WWII veteran and his wife.  Both were very moved by your performance that clearly brought back to them many WWII memories.  Thanks again for such a memorable and enjoyable evening."

John and Cindy Micavich, Westford, Mass.
Patrons,  Deertrees Theatre
Harrison, Maine

"Still getting feedback from your show, 'Spectacular!' being the latest.  It's a pleasure just to watch you both, and your material's top rate, too.  Do you ever tire of compliments?  It was such a fun evening."

Susan Opasik
Blake Library Performance Series
Martin Co. Libraries, Stuart, FL

"Dear David and Serena- Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance. In carpool line I heard many of the kids talking about the performance and about World War II.  I think you really got many of them thinking. I personally, really loved the music. It was wonderful. I was also very moved by many of the stories. The letters really make it so personal...Again, thank you so much for bringing a new appreciation of that time to our students and staff.  If you ever need a reference I would be glad to to talk to anyone about how professional, educational and entertaining you were."

Elizabeth Iaquinta
St Raphael's School
Raleigh, NC

Dear David, Serena and Julie,

Thank you so much for the two fabulous shows.  The high school students have been raving about it--even some students who were forced to leave a carpentry project to come.  The Coordinator of Community Schools asked me what kind of program we had because those boys who moaned and groaned about having to come to the assembly yesterday went back to class all excited and talking about the show.  They must have been very enthusiastic. The music, the songs, the scripting, the acting all fit together so beautifully and all was so exceptionally well done.  Very memorable! We're already looking forward to the shows next December.  My assistant, Steve Clobridge, sends his regards, too.  In addition to the complements on your shows that he delivered in person, he commented to me what nice people you are.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Thanks again. 

Jenny Johnson
Swain County Center for the Arts
Bryson City, NC