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Workshop: February 24, 2017. The Play’s The Thing: Catch The Conscious Of Your Students With Arts Integration

Professional Development Workshop:  
The Play’s The Thing: Catch The Conscious Of Your Students With Arts Integration. New Hanover County Schools, Wilmington, NC

Find new ways to meet:
ESL standards Common Core standardsCore Arts Standards of Create, Perform, Respond On February 24, 2017 you are invited to participate in a professional development workshop for K - 8 educators.  You must wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to play!

All you have to do to make an “A”  in this class-- Open your mind and participate.  This arts integration workshop, led by Serena Ebhardt of EbzB Productions, will inspire you to use dramatic art as a teaching tool in your classroom.  You will leave the workshop with materials to recreate the experience for your own students. You will also discuss modifying the technique to serve any curriculum. 

Ebhardt explains and models arts integration for educators. She uses visual art, music, found-objects, text, speech and movement to create a devised dramatic pr…

The Art Of Love

A New Cabaret by EbzB

The Art of Love -
Premieres February 18, 2017 at Davie County Arts Council, NC