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The Midsummer Music Menagerie - War Bonds

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May 2011

The Midsummer Music Menagerie

Submitted By Robin Krakauer

Oconomowoc, WI – With the warm weather approaching and plans for summer events starting, make sure you mark your calendar for these two spectacular OAC shows - Laura MacKenzie and the Lads and War Bonds – The Songs and Letters of World War II.

July 7 @ 7:00 PM, War Bonds – The Songs and Letters of World War II will transform the main stage into a by- gone era. Actual veteran’s stories create this sentimental journey back through the days when blackouts and rationing were a small sacrifice in order to obtain freedom. This production is a warm reminiscence and harrowing reminder of a time when the whole world seemed upside down.

Award winning artists, Serena Ebhardt and David zum Brunnen of EbzB Productions, a husband and wife team, bring in all the authenticity of period uniforms and clothing, along with the music, ambiance and props from the era.

“This show has taken off in ways we nev… Gates County High School Residency - EbzB - Picasa Web Albums

"Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty"

An original courtroom drama created through an EbzB Arts-In-Education Residency at Gates County High School.
Gates County, NC Gates County High School Residency - EbzB - Picasa Web Albums

David & Serena,

Thank you so much for all you did for the kids at the High School; they will always remember what you caused them to think about, such as how many good things are here for them. People have a tendency get so busy in life; they forget to appreciate what is in their back yard or under their nose!!! They will pass these things on to their families without even realizing it. You accomplished it in a beautiful way. Most of us older citizens realize the treasure we have here, you helped to relay that message to the next generation. We are so fortunate to have Barbara [Toti] in the school system; she has a wonderful rapport with so many "different interest" kids. Over the years many kids have "found" themselves in h…

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