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EbzB Recommends Emily Post's Audience Etiquette Advice

EbzB Recommends Emily Post's Audience Etiquette Advice

Manners at a Performance
Today, there’s a wealth of entertainment offered in widely differing settings, but the following fundamentals of good audience behavior are adaptable to virtually any situation:
No talking, unless audience participation is requested by the performers. If something must be said, whisper it quickly. Excessively shushing a talkative neighbor can be just as disturbing.Use good posture. Auditorium seating is often arranged so that the person in the seat behind can see between the two seats in front, so slumping sideways or lounging on a partner’s shoulder blocks the view.Remove hats. Ladies, if your hat is part of your outfit, you can keep it on as long as it doesn’t block anyone’s view.Noises off. Turn off cell phones, beepers, audible watches, and any other sound-making gadgets before any performance.Lights out.  Don’t forget, the screen on your mobile de…

Before Charlottesville, Before Charleston, Before Ferguson: Native

Before Charlottesville, Before Charleston, Before Ferguson: Native Drama allows opportunity to gain understanding.

Native dramatizes the friendship and collaboration between Paul Green and Richard Wright. The authors are brought together to adapt Wright’s novel, Native Son for Broadway. 
In 1941 Paul Green is a UNC professor and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright who is also known for The Lost Colony. Richard Wright is the controversial author of Native Son, a groundbreaking work on the systemic discrimination of African-Americans. 
Green and Wright forge a deep respect for each other.  Yet, in a heated discussion over a single page of their Broadway script, they argue about who has the right to tell the story of race, politics and social class.  Ultimately the revelations dissolve their friendship in spite of their common goal to affect social change.
EbzB Productions’ Native is based on the true story of Green and Wright’s collaboration.  This event hopes to inspire audiences …