Before Charlottesville, Before Charleston, Before Ferguson: Native

Before Charlottesville, Before Charleston, Before Ferguson: Native
Drama allows opportunity to gain understanding.


Native dramatizes the friendship and collaboration between Paul Green and Richard Wright. The authors are brought together to adapt Wright’s novel, Native Son for Broadway. 

In 1941 Paul Green is a UNC professor and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright who is also known for The Lost Colony. Richard Wright is the controversial author of Native Son, a groundbreaking work on the systemic discrimination of African-Americans. 

Green and Wright forge a deep respect for each other.  Yet, in a heated discussion over a single page of their Broadway script, they argue about who has the right to tell the story of race, politics and social class.  Ultimately the revelations dissolve their friendship in spite of their common goal to affect social change.

EbzB Productions’ Native is based on the true story of Green and Wright’s collaboration.  This event hopes to inspire audiences to gain understanding and to discuss differing viewpoints of systemic discrimination which continues to challenge us today.  Venues may offer post-show discussions with the cast to allow patrons an opportunity to share and process their reactions to the performance.

EbzB Productions, Inc. is a professional theatre company developing original, touring theatrical productions to promote integrity and authenticity, self-discovery and positive transformation of individuals, artists, audiences, and communities.

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