Compliment: Native at Centennial Station, High Point, NC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to witness the EBZB production of Native.  The production was OUTSTANDING!  David zum Brunnen as Paul Green and J. Mardrice as Richard Wright give a tour de force performance that will make you think, make you cringe and bring a better understanding of racial inequality throughout the south and our country.

Many times when I watch a drama I exit the theatre talking about the production, Native caused me to not talk about the performance until I had had time to truly digest it.  Powerful, insightful, chilling and relevant are the words that immediately come to mind.

Ian Finley’s script gets straight to the heart of matter, and offers light to a topic that is often shrouded and hidden from polite eyes.

Simply Brilliant!  See it!

Dave Briggs
High Point Theatre 
High Point, NC


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