Compliment: Native [Hillsborough, NC]



It was so nice to meet you and the EbzB crew. Thank you for bringing Native to us and more importantly working it up as a production that you could bring it to us.

  • Very professionally done!!!!!!!!!!
  • Loved the set and the music and image enhancements.
  • Loved that you essentially brought everything you needed.
  • Loved your upbeat and personable energy.
  • Loved that Serena found my earring before I realized I had lost it.
  • So grateful that Devra brought you to our attention.
  • You and J. Mardrice were amazing in your parts.
Although not part of the stage production having audience members respond as a spontaneous chorus was very effective in underlining the truths that the character of Richard Wright was witnessing to. It validated two strong messages of the play: the assertion that it matters who tells the story, and the notion that freedom of choice is no freedom if, choice is not equally attainable or realizable for all.

The play modeled conversation about our sad state of race relations. We don’t often see this conversation around us. The conversation just does not start, or it abruptly ends in anger or fear.  Or, we hear the two positions talking to their home team but not talking to each other; talking at but not to or with. The two characters were respectful of each other to the end, even when it got hard. Both said I didn’t know that. Both learned something new and internalized that information. There was resolution but not reconciliation. Not a happy ending but one that explored both the loss and gain of their struggle. It serves as a silent challenge for all of us to dig deeper.

All the best,
Mary Rocap
Faith and The Arts
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
Hillsborough, NC 


Wonderful! I want to know where you will be doing it again.
-Sara Caskie, Patron


I was there and can attest to the importance and power of the evening. I hope that EbzB can take this brilliant theatre piece all over the state & country.

-Glen Sumner


I went to the Hillsborough production [of Native] and it was so powerful.

-Debra Kaufman 



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