EbzB at ArtsMarket 2017

Dear Presenters,

Want to make an impact on your community?

Please bring your curiosity to EbzB Productions at ArtsMarket Booth #131 and attend our showcase of Native.  This production is sure to be a conversation starter.


A powerful play based on the collaboration between Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Green and controversial author Richard Wright.
Open your theatre to a much needed community conversation.
Showcase on Wednesday, November 8
9:25 am ~ Carolina Theatre

“The performance [Native] was even more than we had anticipated... masterfully written and beautifully performed.  It touched the adults— and even more importantly, the students in a way that they will cary out into the world - which was what we so wanted!”
 - Kathryn Talton,
Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities,
Southern Pines, NC

“I was there, and I can attest to the importance and power of the evening.  I hope that EbzB can take this brilliant theatre piece all over the state and the country.”
-Glenn Sumner
Hillsborough, NC

EbzB Productions

Visit www.ebzb.org
for a menu of offerings and demos, including:
In One Era And Out The Other
'69 Seasons: A Rockin' War
Night Before Christmas Carol
War Bonds: Songs and Letters of World War II
The Art Of Love
Wrights of Passage

50 to 55 minute versions of EBZB plays are available for schools or special events.  Study guides, audience etiquette tip-sheets, and lesson plans are available for download. Workshops and residencies  are also available in tandem with a performance, or as a stand-alone. Special Rates apply.

And, while you could watch all of our demos online, we'd much rather visit with you in person. So, please stop by and greet us at ArtsMarket Booth #131.


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