Zanesville, Ohio - War Bonds Still Matter

                                         Meet 103 Year-Old World War II veteran, Dale Jones!

Dale gave us permission to read one of his letters to his sister in EbzB's performance of War Bonds on October 27, 2019 for the Zanesville Concert Association in Zanesville, Ohio.  Dale was a riot–– laughing, joking, even dancing a little!  The show stopped when his letter was read from the stage, as the audience of 800 patrons gave him a well-deserved standing ovation.  After the performance, a USO canteen gala allowed performers, musicians and audience members to break bread, dance and reminisce about their own stories from the time.

The following morning, a student matinee of War Bonds was performed for over 600 elementary students .  Their tickets were paid for by the previous day's audience.  The greatest generation literally paid it forward so that these students might have a better experience in life.  A five-piece band, led by Music Director Julie Florin brought the music to life for tomorrow's leaders.  The post-show question and answer period with the students allowed for investigation of the history and context of a world at war in the 1940's.


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