Arts In Education: Students Explore Immigration During Show Week at Virginia Cross Elementary in Siler City, NC

Students Explore Immigration During Show Week at Virginia Cross Elementary in Siler City, NC

It’s Monday morning and Director Serena Ebhardt is deftly organizing her 30+ cast members for an important session—blocking the show these students will perform in four short days. But first she has to explain what blocking is—arranging the location and movement for each of the actors on stage, both on the floor and in relation to each other. During the rehearsal, students are also introduced to other theatre terms—places, stage right, stage left, projecting. Three quick run-throughs (remembering to hold that spot for the student who is absent today), working out variations on the grid concept designed to move the actors through the story, and time is up for today. 

Checkpoint: Hope for Me and You is the original production crafted from the interviews VCE students conducted, transcribed, and edited with local community members.  Friday afternoon’s performance for the student body will be the culminating activity of the EbzB Artist-in-Schools residency, a collaboration of the Chatham Arts Council and the Chatham County Schools. Checkpoint explores immigration rights and responsibilities, the topic chosen by the VCE faculty, principal, and teaching artists during planning sessions last fall. EbzB’s Serena Ebhardt and David zum Brunnen bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this work. In addition to their extensive theatre training and experience as actors, producers, directors, and playwrights, they have received training specifically as teaching artists from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Lincoln Center Institute and the National Center for Creative Aging.

Other rehearsals this week will concentrate on the script, delivering lines, costuming, and music. Wednesday the cast will move to the performance space. And Friday the oral histories of their Chatham County families and neighbors come to life.

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